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It has rightly been pointed out by Robin Williams in the cult film Dead Poets’ Society, “And medicine, law, business, engineering these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life; but poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for!" Nitrutsav has been the brainchild of many accidental engineers who believe that there is another side to each of our personalities that is seldom explored. As a cultural festival the primary objective of Nitrutsav 2k16 will be to recognize, showcase and appreciate the diverse talents of artists from all over the country. ‘Ad Infinitum’ literally translates into ‘to infinity’. For us, we believe a moment out of your hectic schedules can be made infinite, can be made to last forever in your minds and ours through this conglomeration of people, talents and emotions, from all walks of life.

When words fall short, music always manages to strike the right chords. There are various events such as Voice of NU and War of Bands that are directed towards those supremely talented musicians. Footloose is an attempt at trying to create a stage that is becoming of those dancers and artistes who live by the beat and rhythm. For the trendsetters and illustrious, we have Fashionista, a themed fashion show. Whoever you are, whatever you do, we have something for you. Whether it is the soulful musical evening Maktub, or the high-energy Pronite, or the endless fun events that promise you a gimmick, these three days are going to be unforgettable. Thus, carrying forward the legacy of Nitrutsav 2k15 which was a roaring success, the organizers are proud to bring to you the biggest cultural festival of Odisha, to be held on 5th-7th February, 2016.

With a long list of expectations, and earnestness to deliver, we believe this journey will truly be Ad Infinitum!


As that unique generation of children who have been on both sides of a millennium, our fast declining youth heaves under the weight of the responsible adults that we must become. It takes the blues of college to help us realize how truly wonderful those days of growing up were! Nitrutsav 2k16 wants to take you back in a time machine, to those golden days of the yore. The cartoons that we grew up watching, are no longer aired on television. Yet, they have managed to leave an indelible impression on each of us. Let us take you back to those friends who ensured all sad days ended on a happy note. Sit back in your seats, as we hand over the remote to you, so that you can switch back and forth between Scooby Doo, Dexter, Tom and Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd and Eddy, The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Swat Kats, Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls…the list is endless. ‘Nostalgic 90s’ is not just a theme for the fest, it’s a celebration of this generation’s lost childhood and an attempt to recreate magic!






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Accomodation and Hospitality

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The grand gala is scheduled to be on the first weekend of February,for three days from 5th to 7th.
A multi-dimensional variety of fun and cultural events,to entertain and enrich you,in the best of the ways.To know more about them,have a peek into the "Events" tab, of our website.
Flagship events are those which you can't afford to miss at NU.There are 6 gems of them,which would make your time at NU worthwhile.(Do browse them under the Events tab of our website).
Yes,accommodation will be provided to you inside the institute itself. After registration, our NITRUTSAV hospitality team will direct you to your respective accommodation halls.
Online registation link is available. Click on the link. Fill in the required details and click on submit to finish your registration Again, follow the link and login in with your email id and password to get your Nitrutsav Id Make sure you get a print out of the Nitrutsav Id and submit it in the registration desk on the day of fest by paying the registration fees.
The registration fees of Rs. 400 (accommodation inclusive) are to be paid in full at the time of registration.
By train, one may arrive at the ROURKELA station and then hire a auto-rickshaw from station to NIT Rourkela. The auto fare should be about Rs. 120. By Bus,get off at the SECTOR-2 bus stand and hire an auto-rickshaw from the bus stand to NIT Rourkela,at an estimated amount of Rs.70.
It will help us to know your arrival well in advance so that we can prepare your accommodation. This will save your time and help us in providing best service. However, it is not compulsory.
The registration fees include everything.
The registration fee payment will be offline and will be collected at the SAC.
It varies from event to event. Almost all the events will have spot registration. The events are uploaded on the website and it is mentioned about the registration.
Accommodation includes proper bedding (Mattress and pillow), bathrooms for refreshment, drinking water and other primary concerns have been catered too.
One can eat food at their respective hostel mess(with payment), at restaurants within our campus, or at any other food centers.
In terms of food, we have 4 restaurants, 2 situated near the hostel areas and 2 within the institute area.
Amul has a store than provides snacks too.
Also, the hostels have day and night canteens as well. The night canteens are open till 12:30AM.
We have students shops within the campus that will provide our daily requirements.
We have four SBI ATMs, one ICICI ATM and one AXIS bank ATM within the institute.
Stationary shops are available at various locations within the campus.